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KORG and Yamaha Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are far more practical than traditional acoustic pianos for most players. Digital pianos are more affordable, aren't affected by seasonal changes or humidity and never require tuning. They fit more easily into a home or studio, are much lighter in weight and can be moved around without difficulty. And you can practice with headphones in complete privacy!

Don't be fooled by cheap "electronic keyboards". Their springy non-weighted key action doesn't deliver the tactile feedback necessary for expressive playing. Keyboards with fewer than the standard 88 piano keys leave the player with less tonal range. Poor quality electronics and small speakers produce a tinny, unsatisfying sound.

But with true digital pianos, recent advances in sound sampling and weighted keyboard actions have led to affordable instruments that are truly impressive in their sound and feel. Digital pianos now give you a playing and listening experience much closer to a traditional acoustic piano.

The Minor Chord is proud to be an authorized dealer for two of the most respected manufacturers of digital pianos, KORG and Yamaha. All of our digital pianos have a full 88-key piano keyboard and weighted key action, providing a realistic keyboard feel and making it easier for a player to move back and forth between the digital piano and an acoustic instrument.

Our digital pianos are displayed in a separate piano room so you can try them out in a quiet and private setting.

Our Pianos

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KORG KROME-88 Workstation

Do you compose or arrange? Do you need to create realistic demos of your compositions and arrangements? Do you sometimes perform on keyboard onstage? Do you want a stage piano/synth with a genuine weighted piano-style keyboard?

Then the KORG KROME-88 is your keyboard!

The KROME-88 brings many of the respected sounds and features of KORG's legendary KRONOS stage instrument to a much more affordable price level. Plus it adds the convenience of a touch screen and a killer grand piano patch with more than 2GB of sample data.

This is a keyboard has to be played to be appreciated!

KORG SP-280 Portable Digital Stage Piano

KORG's SP-280 Stage Piano is a portable instrument that also works well in a home or studio setting. The included stand disassembles quickly and easily for moving, yet is sturdy when assembled.

The SP-280 has a Natural Weighted Hammer keyboard action and 30 keyboard voices including a grand, uprights, electric pianos, clavs, harpsichord, jazz and church organs, strings and more. There's a Layer mode that lets you play two sounds at once, and a Partner mode that creates two shorter keyboards so two people can play together. A 2x22 watt stereo amplifier delivers ample sound - the most in its class.

The KORG SP-280 is an excellent choice for the intermediate keyboard student who is looking for a wider range of voices and portabliity for playing outside the home.

Yamaha YDP-162 Arius Piano

The Yamaha YDP-162 Arius is an advanced digital piano in a traditional upright piano package. The stand and uphostered bench are included as standard equipment.

The YDP-162 has a full 88-key keyboard with simulated ivory keys (less slippery than standard plastic when moist) and Yamaha's best Graded Hammer Effect action.With its standard triple pedal and advanced programming, the YDP-162 supports features like half-pedaling that were previously available only to the acoustic pianist. Although it is primarily intended as a piano, available voices also include electric piano, harpsichord, vibes, strings and church organ.

This is a home or studio instrument for the serious pianist.

Yamaha P-255 Digital Piano

Yamaha's P-255 Digital Piano is a perfect fit for the serious pianist who plays at home, in hte studio and on the stage.

The P-255 has Yamaha's Graded Hammer weighted action for a realistic piano feel, with synthetic ivory keytops that won't get slippery with extended playing. Advanced programming features like key-off sampling, sustain sampling, 256-note ppolyphony and string resonance deliver an amazingly realistic acoustic piano sound. Besides the excellent grand piano, other voices include electric piano, strings, harpischord, jazz and church organs and more - a total of 24 different voices.

An available, free controller app for Apple iOS devices gives you even more flexibility.

Reflecting its dual personality as a home and stage instrument, the P-255 has a number of output options. For home and studio use it has onboard stereo speakers and a headphone jack. For use in stage and recording settings, the P-255 has direct 1/4 inch stereo nstrument-level outputs.

Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano

The Yamaha P-105 is an excellent practice instrument for the beginning to intermediate piano student. With its full 88-key piano style keyboard, an enhanced sound generation module, and Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard weighted key action, the P-105 gives the student a realistic piano playing experience.

The compact, contemporary-styled P-105 cabinet fits easily in the home, studio or even college dorm room. On-board speakers deliver a range of voices including piano, electric piano, harpsichord, vibes, strings, jazz/rock/church organs and both acoustic and electric bass. The keyboard can be split across two players and/or two different sound voices. A headphone jeck is provided for private practice time.

Yamaha DGX-650 Digital Workstation

The Yamaha DGX-650 is a digital piano designed for the composer and arranger, combining a full 88-key piano keyboard with an outstanding array of voices and MIDI capabilities.

On the keyboard side, the DGX-650 has Yamaha's Graded Hammer Standard weighted action for a realistic piano feel.

On the electronics side, its range of voices includes a benchmark stereo Grand Piano patch plus over 500 other instrumental patches and 100 percussion sounds. The DGX-650 has a built-in MIDI song memory, a drum machine and an automatic chord generator for creating quick demos of your songs.

And - the DGX-650 can record your performance directly onto a USB memory device as a CD-quality digital file ready to share!

If you're feeling even more creative, the DGX-650's USB-based MIDI link connects the instrument to the massive library of commercial music recording, editing, performance and notation software available for your Windows PC or Apple iOS devices.

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