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The first guitar with the Furch brand name on its headstock was built in 1981, the product of a small, secret 'garage' company in what was then Czechoslovakia. (At that time the communist regime prohibited all private enterprise, so founder Frantisek Furch pursued his passion underground.) He quickly became known throughout the Czech music scene as a premium guitar builder and his instruments were the choice of many top musicians.

In 1989, the Velvet Revolution and the fall of communism created today's Czech Republic and allowed Frantisek to realize his dreams without fear of government persecution.

By the year 2000, growing demand led Frantisek to acquire a 16th century mill complex in the village of Velke Nemcice, where he set about transforming the property into a modern factory facility. In 2011 the old mill complex held the 30th anniversary party of Furch Guitars.

The Furch offices
The Furch workshop

Today, Furch Guitars is led by Frantisek's son Petr who has brought a new generation of technology into the workshop to continue the firm's focus on quality and consistency. Under Petr's guidance, Furch instruments are now built with the optimum combination of technology and hand craftmanship.

The Minor Chord is proud to be an authorized Furch Guitars dealer. These are extraordinary instruments at a very reasonable price, representing excellent value.

Furch builds two lines of acoustic guitars:

  • The Vintage series has a traditional design, traditional body sizes and traditional voicing
  • The Millenium series is built in a more contemporary design, contemporary body sizes, and a more contemporary voicing

For more information about Furch Guitars and their line of instruments please visit the Furch Guitars website.

Current Inventory

As of October 27, 2016 we have the following Furch instruments in stock. Click on a model number or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

Stonebridge Guitars, the North American distributor for Furch, maintains an extensive web site with their full warehouse inventory and detailed information about each instrument. You can browse their inventory here. We can get any of these instruments for you in only a few days.

Custom orders are also possible. Contact us if you are interested.

Vintage OM30SM

Here is our first 'Vintage Series' model 30 instrument: The OM30SM.

Here at The Minor Chord, we are huge fans of the OM shape - we consider it perhaps the best all around go-to shape for many styles of playing. This guitar features solid sapele back and sides, a solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood bridge and fretboard, 1.77 inch nut width (just a shade over 1-3/4 inches), a slim comfortable neck profile, tapered X-bracing, a teardrop style pickguard, and a satin finish.

Right from the start, the sound and feel of Furch guitars will truly make you wonder why some of the other makers charge so much more. The solid feel of the Furch craftmanship is apparent the first time you pick up the instrument and play. Great consistency all the way up the neck, awesome action and intonation.

The sapele and Sitka wood combination and the satin-finish body and neck yield a very nice clear and dry sound that is very different than the OM31SR-DB shown below.

You can find more photos and an audio recording of this guitar here.

Although not so well known in the U.S., Furch has already established its name around the world. Come down and see why!

Hiscox hardshell case is included.

'Vintage' OM31SR-DB

The next model up in the Furch 'Vintage' series is the model 31. Here we have our first example: the OM31SR-DB.

This model maintains the OM profile like the OM30SM, except the 'DB' stands for "deep body". Where the OM30SM measures a 3-3/8 inch body depth at the upper bout and 3-15/16 inches at the lower, the OM31SR-DB measures considerably more at a 3-11/16 inch depth upper bout and 4-7/16 inches at the lower bout. Sitting behind the guitar playing, one certainly notices that it plays a bit bigger than the OM30SM but is still much more comfortable than a Dreadnaught or Jumbo. Voila - lots of sound from a comfortable OM-size guitar.

Our OM31SR-DB features all solid Indian rosewood back and sides with a nice book-matched figure, a solid Sitka spruce top, ebony bridge and fingerboard, mahogany neck, 1.77 inch nut width (just a shade over 1-3/4 inches), tapered X-bracing, a teardrop style pickguard, a semi-gloss hand rubbed lacquer finish on the body and a satin finish on the neck. The neck profile is a bit larger 'C' shape than the slim OM30SM but not nearly as big as a chunky "vintage style neck".

As with the OM30 above, one immediately notices the rock-solid feel and excellent intonation. The deep body along with the solid rosewood and sitka spruce wood tonewoods deliver a really nice full but balanced sound. When strummed it's as if the guitar is compressed, everything really fits nicely together as one. When fingerpicked, each string really begins to shine with a sound of its own.

You can find more photos and an audio recording of this guitar here.

We are very impressed with the quality of these Furch instruments and we think you will be too!

Hiscox hardshell case included.

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