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The man is gone, but the sprit lives on.
Leo Fender - 1909-1991

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Do you know about G&L Guitars? If you play electric, you should!

The "L" in G&L is Leo Fender. He started the company in the late 1970s after famously selling his original company to CBS in 1965. Leo Fender passed away in 1991 but before his death he arranged for the operation to be overseen by John C. McLaren of BBE Sound. Leo's wife Phyllis is the honorary Chairman of the company. G&L continues to make electric guitars and basses the way Leo Fender would have wanted them ot be made - and it shows.

Ironically, after the CBS transaction, Leo Fender lost the rights to use the original names of the guitars he invented including the Telecaster and the Stratocaster. (These model names are now registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, no relationship to Leo Fender or his estate.)

So, as you browse through the impressive instruments below, keep this in mind: If you're thinking Telecaster, look at the G&L ASAT model.; if you're thinking Stratocaster, look at the Legacy models. Either way, you'll be impressed by the quality and playability.

One of the great things about G&L is that they welcome custom orders - and they ask very reasonable upcharges to get exactly the instrument you want. We would be happy to custom-order any G&L instrument to your specifications.

We think G&L guitars are superior in materials, craftsmanship and playability to today's Fender-brand instruments - at comparable prices! Come see if you agree.

Current Inventory

As of November 17, 2015, we have the following G&L guitars in stock. Click on a model or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

Also - on order, expected in December: A Legacy with alder body in vintage white. Early 1960s appointments with a quartersawn soft-V neck in vintage satin tint, 7-1/4 inch fretboard radius, vintage-size frets, and a rosewood fretboard. Mint pickguard and plastic parts. If you're interested, call or use our Ask Us! page.

ASAT Bluesboy

This Bluesboy is a semi-hollow guitar with a nice tinted ash body and a carefully selected quarter-sawn maple neck. That neck feels great, and its straight grain will stay stable for years to come.

The neck humbucker is a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover model. If you don't know about Seth Lover, he's the dude who actually invented the humbucker! Just another example of how G&L instruments are the real deal.

We include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

Legacy with Swamp Ash Body

This Legacy guitar has a swamp ash body with a pretty two-tone sunburst finish and a quarter-sawn neck.

We include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

ASAT in Butterscotch

This ASAT has a real vintage feel with its ash body with a rich butterscotch finish, a tinted satin-finish quarter-sawn maple neck with a 50's style U-shaped profile, and vintage-style frets.

As with all the G&L instruments, we include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

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