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The man is gone, but the sprit lives on.
Leo Fender - 1909-1991

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Do you know about G&L Guitars? If you play electric, you should!

The "L" in G&L is Leo Fender. He started the company in the late 1970s after famously selling his original company to CBS in 1965. Leo Fender passed away in 1991 but before his death he arranged for the operation to be overseen by John C. McLaren of BBE Sound. Leo's wife Phyllis is the honorary Chairman of the company. G&L continues to make electric guitars and basses the way Leo Fender would have wanted them ot be made - and it shows.

Ironically, after the CBS transaction, Leo Fender lost the rights to use the original names of the guitars he invented including the Telecaster and the Stratocaster. (These model names are now registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, no relationship to Leo Fender or his estate.)

So, as you browse through the impressive instruments below, keep this in mind: If you're thinking Telecaster, look at the G&L ASAT model.; if you're thinking Stratocaster, look at the Legacy models. Either way, you'll be impressed by the quality and playability.

One of the great things about G&L is that they welcome custom orders - and they ask very reasonable upcharges to get exactly the instrument you want. We would be happy to custom-order any G&L instrument to your specifications.

We think G&L guitars are superior in materials, craftsmanship and playability to today's Fender-brand instruments - at comparable prices! Come see if you agree.

Current Inventory

As of July 14, 2016, we have the following G&L guitars and basses in stock. Click on a model or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

ASAT Classic S
in Vintage White

The specs:

  • Alder body with Vintage White finish
  • Quartersawn maple neck with ebony fretboard
  • Modern Classic neck profile with Vintage Gloss finish
  • Tortoise pickguard

Every time we receive a new ASAT Classic S, it sells immediately.

The first two were in Tangerine Metallic and Sonic Blue. This one is in a Vintage White finish. Fans of that 'aged' white that looks like it’s been around for 40 years won't be disappointed. As you can see in the photos, the ebony fret board and 'vintage gloss' neck finish show nicely against the Vintage White body, producing that classy dark/light look.

The ebony board delivers a subtly enhanced playing experience and makes it just a tad bit smoother moving around the neck.

What impressed us on this particular guitar was its 'quacky' pickup sound in the 2nd and 4th positions. Sonically across the pickups every position in this 5-way setup really sings. A player of any genre should be able to get what they are looking for with this instrument... Another fine job from our friends at G&L!

And of course we include the traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

ASAT Classic Alnico
in Blonde

The specs:

  • Swamp ash body with blonde finish
  • Quartersawn maple neck with maple fretboard
  • Modern 'U'-shape neck profile
  • "Old Leo Spec" body depth (1-5/8 inch mill depth)
  • Vintage satin neck
  • Vintage-style frets

The first thing that impressed us about this guitar was how light it is. Weight can go either way with ash but this ASAT, with its thinner-than-usual Old Leo Spec body and a relatively light piece of ash, is just so comfortable to hold and play.

This is the second ASAT we've ordered that is modeled closely after the vintage Tele's of the 1950's. The subtly-hued blonde finish (which, by the way, is difficult to reproduce accurately in these photos) is not something you'll find on many modern instruments. And the chunkier U-profile neck with vintage-style frets and vintage satin finish sits nicely in the left hand, especially in first position.

The ASAT Classic Alnico model stays true to the sound of vintage Tele's with its Alnico V single-coil pickups.

Plug this baby in and you can stand for hours ripping those twangy 50's vintage Tele tones!

We include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

ASAT Classic Bluesboy
in Clear Red

The specs:

  • Swamp ash body with clear red finish
  • Double-chambered body with f-hole
  • Quartersawn maple neck with rosewood fretboard
  • Modern classic neck profile with 1-11/16 inch nut width
  • MFD single-coil bridge pickup
  • AP4285B P-90 neck pickup
  • 4-ply tortoise pickguard

As soon as this guitar arrived, the consensus was WOW! What a pretty guitar!! Once again, the folks at G&L have done a stellar job with this semi-hollow ASAT-with-a-bite.

The lightweight body has a gorgeous clear red finish over the swamp ash. The modern classic profile neck with 1-11/16 inch nut gives the player a generous amount of space for both the left and right hands.

Sonically, the bridge pickup can cut through like one would expect but the real treat is the snarling bite that you can achieve with the P-90 at the neck - great for warm jazz, blues, or grungy rock 'n' roll. And don't forget the beautifully-balanced middle position which incorporates sonic elements of both pickups.

Our G&L guitars are flying out the door, and for good reason. Come in and check this one out before it's too late.

We include the traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

in Himalayan Blue

The specs:

  • Ash body with Himalayan Blue finish
  • Quartersawn maple neck with ebony fretboard
  • Modern classic neck profile
  • Tortoise shell pickguard with black knobs
  • Three 'MFD' S-500 single coil pickups
  • Mini-toggle expander circuit

We recently expanded our G & L line and are pleased to add this gorgeous new S-500 to the mix. (For those of you unfamiliar with the G&L line, the S-500 is Leo Fender's secend-generation version of his iconic Strat design.) This one has an ash body in a really nice Himalayan Blue finish - a bit darker than Sonic Blue but still in the 'light blue' world.

We were immediately impressed by how fantastic this guitar both feels and sounds. The quarter-sawn neck combined with the ebony fret board is simply smooth and rock solid. The 'modern classic' neck profile gives you that extra bit of space so many players appreciate.

This model has three MFD S-500 single coil pickups and a mini-toggle that controls a special expander circuit that gives you unique new combinations of the neck & bridge pickups. The result: a fresh sonic world with glassy Strat-like cleans and warmer & hotter MFD tones as well.

We think G&L instruments are players' guitars and this S-500 is no exception.

As with all our G&L instruments we include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

Legacy HB
in Black Burst

The specs:

  • Ash body with Black Burst finish
  • Quartersawn maple neck with maple fretboard
  • Modern classic neck profile
  • Tortoise shell pickguard with black knobs
  • Seymour Duncan model TB4 'JB' humbucker at bridge

This is the first Legacy HB that we've ordered for store inventory. One of our customers special-ordered one and we liked it so much we decided we would get another built to very similar specs!

The Black Burst finish starts off black at the edges and fades to a subtle semi-transparent greenish-tinted charcoal towards the middle, highlighting the figure of the Southern swamp ash body. The quartersawn maple neck with its generous 1-11/16 inch nut width contrasts nicely with the dark body.

The Alnico single-coil neck and middle pickups deliver that classic 'Strat' tone. For that extra kick, the Seymour Duncan TB4 humbucker at the bridge will certainly get the job done - high output, great for metal or rock. You also get a mini-toggle coil tap switch to put the humbucker in single-coil mode if you want.

As with all our G&L instruments We include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

in Pearl White

The specs:

  • Alder body with Pearl White finish
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Modern classic neck profile
  • Tortoise shell pickguard

Here is a pretty straight-forward Legacy, but even the regular features found on this guitar make it a superior-playing and -sounding instrument in comparison with 'other brands'.

The Pearl White finish catches the light and is nicely done - looks great with the tortoise pickguard and rosewood fret board. The modern classic neck with the clear satin natural finish plays fast and smooth.

Plugged in you get what you expect: Great sounding tone from the CLF-100 Alcino single-coils in every pickup position.

If you're shopping for a straight-ahead Strat, check this one out for sure. You'll like it a lot better!

As with all our G&L instruments we include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

in Fullerton Red

The specs:

  • Alder body with Fullerton Red finish
  • Quartersawn maple neck with maple fretboard
  • Deep-V neck profile
  • Vintage-tint gloss neck with vintage frets
  • Mint pickguard with creme knobs and covers
  • Three CLF-100 Alnico single-coil pickups

We order no two G&L's the same and this custom-spec'd Fullerton Red Legacy is meant to be our vintage-style Strat alternative.

The Fullerton Red color really jumps out - neither red nor orange, insistent without being garish. In short, it looks fantastic.

The neck gets the full vintage treatment as well with its chunky Deep-V profile, vintage-size frets, and a vintage gloss finish. When you put this guitar in your hands you know you are holding something solid! To complete the look we chose a mint pickguard true to the early 60's era with cream knobs and covers.

The CLF-100 Alnico single-coil pickups deliver the classic sounds Leo Fender is so famous for. Vintage and Red go very well together...this guitar has both in spades!

As with all our G&L instruments we include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

L-2000 Bass in Sonic Blue

The specs:

  • Sonic Blue finish
  • Alder body
  • Maple neck with modern medium-C profile, 12 inch radius
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 1-5/8 inch nut
  • Two MFD L-series humbucker pickups
  • Tri-Tone active/passive electronics

This is our first G&L bass and we were immediately impressed by the top-notch materials, great-sounding pickups and the fast, easy-playing neck. The punch and power of the MFD humbuckers really makes this bass stand out from the crowd.

The Tri-Tone electronics give you three mini toggle switches for an awesome variety of tones.

This bass is a real winner. You have to come try it!

We include the very nice traditionally styled (and US made!) G&L rectangular hard case.

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