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C.F. Martin began his venture in 1833. Four generations later, Chris Martin IV is at the helm of this family business. Although there have been many changes over the past 178 years, one thing has remained consistent: C.F. Martin's commitment to quality. For over a century, Martin guitars have been considered the standard by which all others are measured.

The Minor Chord is proud to be an authorized C. F. Martin dealer. We always have a wide selection of Martin instruments for you to play and compare before you buy. Our prices are competitive with the national chains and reputable online dealers. If you are considering a C. F. Martin instrument and are within an hour's drive of our store, you owe it to yourself to pay us a visit!

For more information about C. F. Martin instruments please visit the C.F. Martin Company website.

Closeup of Martin HD-28

Current Inventory

As of August 2, 2017 we have the following Martin instruments in stock. Click on a model number or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

If you are interested in any of the instruments marked Arriving Soon!, just call or use our Ask Us! page and we'll let you know when they arrive.

Of course, we can also order other Martin guitar models for you.

In addition to these full-sized C. F. Martin instruments, we also have the LX1 and LXM solid spruce-top small-bodied Martin guitars and the S-1 solid mahogany ukulele.

D-28 John Lennon
Signature Edition

We are beyond excited to announce the arrival of a very special Martin...The D-28 John Lennon Signature Edition!

Some signature models can be overly gaudy, but we like the fact that everything on this instrument is done with a subtle tastefulness.

This special edition guitar carries over many features from the stock D-28: Solid Indian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, ebony bridge and fretboard, 25.4 inch scale length.

But there are noticeable extras: The Sitka top has Martin's Vintage Tone System, meaning the Sitka top is torrefied (heat treated). This produces the tone of an older well broken in guitar in a new instrument. The neck is genuine mahogany with a glossy dark stain, a 50's style headstock shape with rounded corners, a slightly wider than normal 1-3/4 inch nut width, headstock diamond, bone nut & saddle, and abalone side dots on neck.

In a tribute to John Lennon, the headstock inlay is John's famous cartoon-like self portrait, the fretboard has an "Instant Karma" theme with moon, stars and sun inlays, and the 12th fret inlay is the signature circular glasses he was famous for wearing. On the back, the usual zig-zag stripe has been modified into a peace symbol...very cool.

With the larger nut width, there's a bit more space for fingering chords and fingerpickers will most likely find it easier to play. This guitar has a nice full Martin Dreadnaught rosewood/spruce sound with plenty of volume. The VTS top does seem to give the sound a little something more.

The guitar bears a label inside declaring it to be #238 of the limited edition run. Any Beatles fans out there? This one is for you!

A deluxe Martin hardshell case is included.

OO-17S in Black Smoke

As soon as it srrived, this guitar stood out to us as "not your typical Martin". Besides the obvious Black Smoke finish, it's really the sound that captured us: A surprisingly warm, big, punchy tone from a small-bodied 'OO' size instrument that sits super-comfortably in the lap.

All solid mahogany back and sides, solid Sitka spruce top, rosewood bridge and fret board. 12-fret-to-body neck with a 1-3/4 inch nut width, reliced nickel tuners. Short scale 24.9 inch neck.

The OO-17S is a unique instrument that reminds us of those vintage 'OO' Martins of the past. And sound-wise we think it's fantastic!


The DC-28E, one of Martin's most popular models, is back this year sporting a cutaway and onboard electronics but preserving classic D-28 features like the all solid rosewood back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, and ebony fretboard and bridge.

Its 1-3/4 inch nut width is a bit wider than the standard D-28, so you have a bit more space to maneuver.

The Fishman Aura VT Enhance electronics with easy to use controls give this guitar a great sound when you plug it in.

The DC-28E is a versatile sound machine that will not disappoint.


The Martin HD-28V is a beautiful Herringbone D-28 Dreadnaught with a huge, punchy sound and attractive vintage-style appointments.

Solid rosewood sides and back, Sitka spruce top, ebony bridge and fingerboard, 1-11/16 inch nut, a nicely shaped modern 'V' neck, herringbone binding and back stripe, vintage sytle tuners and saddle.

This instrument is a strummer's delight with its big volume - but at the same time it's clear and well balanced. Ready for your pickin' circle!


Martin upgraded the OM-21 in 2012. The new version features an ebony bridge and fingerboard, tinted solid spruce top, and vintage-style tuners.

The rest of the traditional OM-21 construction carries forward: All solid rosewood sides and back, 1-3/4 inch nut, the smaller teardrop-style pickguard, and a 25-1/2 inch scale neck.

The OM-21 has been one of our best selling guitars for a long time, and with good reason. It is a versatile instrument that works well for all playing styles - whether you strum, fingerpick, play country or jazz. The OM-21 can handle it all.

GPCPA4 Shaded

We've had the regular GPCPA4 at The Minor Chord before, but we are really digging this version with the shaded top.

Grand Performance body, solid sapele back and sides, solid Sitka spruce top. 1-3/4 inch nut. F-1 analog electronics.

The Martin Performing Artist Series is designed for the working musician: All solid wood, easy playing, US made, great-sounding electronics, and a cool look - all for a reasonable price. How can you go wrong?

GPC12PA4 12-String

This is the 12-string version of the GPCPA4. The construction and appointments are similar, except that the 12-string version has a 1-13/16 inch nut.

Like its 6-string cousin, the GPC12PA4 is equipped with a Fishman F-1 pickup system.

We find the GPC12PA4 to be a very playable 12-string with nice low action and a double helping of that characteristic full Martin sound.

T1K Koa Tenor Uke

Here's a nice solid-koa tenor uke at a reasonable price! Brighter, crisper tone than mahogany without being harsh. Satin lacquer finish. Includes Martin carrying bag.


The M-36 is a unique OOOO-size instrument, similar to a OOO or OM but with a significantly larger lower bout.

Construction is solid Indian rosewood sides, a nice three-piece solid Indian rosewood back, and a solid Sitka spruce top with an aged finish. It has a 1-11/16 inch nut.

This is a great guitar if you want a big driving, sound. Its tone holds together well even with heavy attacks.

The M-36 comes with a deluxe Martin hard case.


The D-18 is one of the all-time classic Martin Dreadnaughts. With its mahogany/spruce tone wood combination and huge sound, there's a reason why - year after year - it continues to sell well.

Ebony fret board and bridge. 1-3/4 inch nut width. With its very strong mid-range, this guitar can take a heavy pick attack.

Whether you are a bluegrass player, studio artist, or singer/songwriter, the D-18 will give you that giant Martin tone so many players yearn for.


The OOO-18 is another classic Martin design. Solid mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top. The nut is 1-11/16". Ebony bridge and fretboard.

Although it is a small-bodied guitar, the OOO-18 doesn't sacrifice tone. It has a nice woody mahogany sound, great for fingerstyle or the singer/songwriter.


This is one our favorite and best-selling guitars. The "OO" size is extremely comfortable. Whether you are a smaller player or simply prefer a smaller-bodied instrument, the Martin OO-15M will not disappoint.

The OO-15M top, back and sides are solid mahogany for that rich Martin sound. The bridge and fingerboard are rosewood with a 1-11/16 inch nut. This guitar has a stunningly loud sound for a smaller instrument.

OO-15M (Left-handed)

We stock this left-handed version of the C. F. Martin OO-15M above, which is one of our favorite and most popular Martin instruments.

Some folks try to create a left-handed guitar by simply reversing the string positions. That won't work very well.

Our OO-15MLH is a true left-handed instrument - the bridge and nut are mirror images of those on a right-handed OO-15M. The left-handed bridge allows the strings to deliver proper intonation in their reversed positions, and the left-handed nut provides the correct notch width and depth for each string.

Quality left-handed guitars can be hard to find. If you play "lefty" and have been looking for a nice mahogany Martin, you need to come in and check this one out.


If you are looking for a smaller instrument that still has the famous Martin tone, you should try the OOO-28. Solid Indian rosewood back and sides. Sitka spruce top. Solid ebony fingerboard and bridge. Low-profile neck. 1-11/16 inch nut.

The OOO body size is not only narrower side-to-side but also thinner front-to-back, making a very comfortable instrument for the player with shorter arms. This is a compact guitar that still puts out a lot of rich, warm and characteristically Martin sound.


The DCPA4 is a dreadnought size instrument with sapele back and sides and Sitka spruce top. It is equipped with Fishman F-1 electronics.

This guitar has a nice woody tone. It is a great choice for the performing musician at a price that won't break the bank.


Martin's original Dreadnaught model, the D-28 is a classic choice with all solid Indian rosewood sides and back, Sitka spruce top, and ebony bridge and fingerboard. 1-11/16 inch nut width.

True to its Martin pedigree, this guitar has a deep, rich tone with plenty of low end. It will handle pretty much anything you throw at it.


The HD-28 starts with the classic Martin Dreadnaught design in solid Indian rosewood back and sides and a Sitka spruce top. Then it adds herringbone trim and hand-scalloped interior bracing. The nut is 1-11/16 inches.

This guitar has lots of volume with very clear and balanced tone. Where the D-18 has more of a woody tone, the HD-28 is a bit smoother to play and the sound is more clear all the way through. The HD-28 is a great choice if you are looking for that characteristic Martin tone.


The D-16GT is an all solid wood Dreadnought. Mahogany back and sides. Sitka spruce top with a gloss finish. Big bassy tone. This guitar is similar to the sound of a D-18 but at a more affordable price.


OMC-16E discription on the way!


The OMCXAE is the only full-size synthetic laminate Martin we carry here at the Minor Chord. This material makes this guitar extra durable so it can withstand humidity and temperature fluctuations better than a normal wooden Martin. This makes it perfect for playing out at venues that might be stressful for other instruments. Even with its non-traditional construction, this guitar offers a characteristic Martin sound and looks unique with its matte black finish.


The OMCPA4 is an OM-size cutaway instrument with sapele back and sides, Sitka spruce top, and a 1-3/4 inch nut. The on-board Fishman F-1 electronics can replicate the sound of 9 world-class studio microphones.

This guitar is the OM-size version of the DCPA4, making it more comfortable for the player looking for a smaller instrument. Like the DCPA4, the OMCPA4 is a great value for the performing artist.


This is another great-sounding smaller-bodied Martin. The sides and back are solid mahogany. The top is Sitka spruce, giving a slightly brighter tone than the OO-15M above. Its 1-11/16 inch nut combined with the OOO-size body makes this guitar very comfortable to play - a great C. F. Martin guitar at a price that won't break the bank.


Always a popular choice! We love the look and feel of the all-mahogany Martin '15' Series. We typically stock the dreadnaught and OO sizes but we just received this nice OOO as well. More comfortable to play than the dreadnaught and with more volume than the OO, this guitar is the perfect middle ground.

Top, back and sides of solid mahogany, rosewood bridge and fingerboard, 1-11/16 inch nut width.

If you are looking for a big, dark Martin sound in a smaller package the OOO-15 will deliver. It will handle both strumming and fingerstyle playing equally well.


The D-15M is built to the same specifications as the OOO-15M except that it is a full-size Dreadnought. The instrument produces a lot of sound with a very strong bass register.

The D-15M is a great value if you are looking for a huge Martin sound at an affordable price.


The D-35 is another classic and great-sounding C. F. Martin Dreadnought. Solid 3-piece Indian rosewood back. Rosewood sides. Solid Sitka spruce top. White binding on back and neck. Smooth-playing ebony fretboard.

This instrument easily produces the volume and full tone that is characteristic of Martin Dreadnoughts - great for all playing styles.


The DRS2 is Martin's most affordable solid-wood model and a great way to get into a Martin acoustic-electric without breaking your budget. It has a solid Sitka spruce top and solid sapele back and sides, a 1-11/16 inch nut, and comes equipped with Fishman Sonitone electronics.

Dreadnaught Jr

Released in 2015, the new Dreadnaught Jr. immediately impressed us.

It is a scaled-down Dreadnaught shape with a slightly smaller 24-inch scale. This makes it extraordinarily comfortable to play. Another nice surprise is the solid sapele back and sides, an unusual feature in an under-$1,000 guitar. The top is solid Sitka spruce.

Thanks to the all-solid-wood construction, this guitar delivers a much bigger and surprisingly fuller sound than one would expect from the small body and short scale.

With its Fishman Sonitone electronics, you can enjoy this wonderful little guitar plugged in as well.

BCPA4 Acoustic Bass Guitar

The Martin BCPA4 acoustic bass guitar is often hard to find in stores, but we enjoy offering our customers a nice acoustic/electric bass from time to time.

Jumbo 14-fret body, solid sapele back and sides, solid Sitka spruce top. 34 inch scale. Bass-style A-frame cross-bracing. Fishman F-1 analog electronics. A cutaway gives you easy access to the upper frets.

For bassists who jam with acoustic friends, the BCPA4 is a versatile choice. It delivers a sophisticated acoustic sound thaht can be heard easily in an unplugged group - and with the Fishman electronics you can get a more electric sound that can be heard loud and clear in a plugged-in band.

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