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The Minor Chord is Paul Reed Smith's newest dealer in the greater Boston area.

Located in Stevensville, Maryland, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is one of the world's premier guitar manufacturers. Since their beginning in 1985, PRS has strived to create the highest quality instruments possible. Guitar building is a very personal thing at Paul Reed Smith, and most of the staff are dedicated players. They have a deep commitment to the craft, and their dedication to quality is very apparent in the instruments they produce.

The Minor Chord stocks two lines from Paul Reed Smith:

  • The PRS S2 Series is made at the company headquarters in Stevensville, MD. These guitars offer the famous fit, finish, feel, and attention to detail of PRS craftsmanship at a surprisingly affordable price.

  • The SE Series is designed in the Paul Reed Smith facility in Maryland and manufactured in Korea to strict PRS quality standards. These are high-quality yet reasonably priced instruments for the working musician or for the student who is ready for a step up.

Although we do not usually stock guitars from Paul Reed Smith's top-of-the-line Core Series, the factory keeps us up-to-date on available models and we would be happy to order one for you.

Current Inventory

As of August 13, 2014, we have the following Paul Reed Smith instruments in stock. Click on a model or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

Of course, we can also custom-order any PRS instrument to your specifications.

S2 Singlecut in dark cherry sunburst

Here is our latest arrival from the S2 line: A gorgeous Singlecut in a dark cherry sunburst finish. This instrument features a mahogany body and neck, a maple top (with an asymmetric bevel for comfort), and a rosewood fretboard with classic PRS bird inlays. The neck has the usual PRS 25-inch scale and locking tuners.

The PRS custom-wound #7 bass and treble humbuckers have incredible sustain and articulation. Probably due to the heavy stop tailpiece and its brass mounting poles, the sound of this guitar has a warmth more commonly heard in vintage guitars and that newer instruments often lack. Both pickups can be switched into coil-tap mode as well for even more tonal options.

This guitar is a sure winner and has all three categories going for it: sound, playability and looks!

S2 Mira Dots in black

Right away, we fell in love with the look, feel and sound of this awesome guitar.

US-made in Stevensville, Maryland, the guitars in the S2 Series represent great value. This Mira features an asymmetric beveled thin mahogany body with a set-in neck in the usual 25 inch PRS scale length. The neck profile is chunky - without going too far - and very comfortable. The super-solid stop tailpiece has brass poles and gives this guitar amazing sustain. The S2 Mira pickups at both neck and bridge positions can be switched into coil-tap mode.

The full solid-mahogany body adds a nice warmth to the sound. This guitar can really growl at high gain settings but can also do the warm jazzy thing nicely as well.

The S2 Mira Dots is a new favorite of ours here at The Minor Chord!

S2 Custom 24 in grey/black

A more affordable version of the famous PRS Custom 24, this guitar features a mahogany body in the original Custom 24 body shape with an asymmetric book-matched figured maple top with a gray/black finish. The neck is mahogany with a 25 inch scale and a rosewood fingerboard with sharp-looking trademark PRS 'Bird' inlays

The pickup configuration includes an S2 HFS at the bridge and an S2 Vintage Bass at the neck. Both can be switched into coil-tap mode for a more 'single-coil' tone. The bridge is an S2-style tremolo.

Any fan of the original top-of-the-line PRS Custom 24 should check out this more affordable S2 Series version. It maintains that classic PRS look, feel and sound. And it's still US-made - but at a fraction of the price.

S2 Custom 24 in blue crab smokeburst

Other than the finish, this guitar is exactly the same instrument as the S2 Custom 24 shown above. In this one, the figured maple top is finished in a combination of vibrant blue and black.

S2 Starla Dots in seafoam green

We've been super impressed with the quality of the PRS S2 US-built line and the Starla is no exception. With its full mahogany body with asymmetric bevelled top, this instrument feels very comfortable against the player's body. And the Seafoam Green finish makes it a standout.

Mahogany set neck with a 25-inch scale. The Bigsby B50 vibrato tailpiece paired with the PRS-designed humbucker pickups reminds us of clear vintage Gretch-like tones - but cranked through your amp's gain channel you can also get nice articulation and a ringing, powerful tone.

To extend the instrument's tonal range even further, the pickups can be operated in coil-tap mode.

S2 Custom 22 in black cherry

Here is a new take on the famous PRS Custom 22 - but this time, it's hot off the press as a member of the more affordable Maryland-built S2 line. This guitar has the classic pairing of a mahogany body and a maple top with a gorgeous black cherry finish.

Mahogany neck with a 25-inch scale and a rosewood fingerboard with PRS signature 'bird' inlays. Locking tuners. The S2 tremolo bridge works well, staying in tune nicely after you use the whammy bar. The PRS-designed humbucker pickups sound great for a wide range of styles and can be operated in coil-tap mode for even more tonal options. (The chrome covers on the humbuckers happen to look particularly nice paired with the black cherry finish.)

Anyone looking for a versatile US-made guitar should certainly check this one out!

SE Santana in yellow

Based on on the popular PRS Santana models, this more affordable version is a lot of guitar for the money. It features a mahogany body, a maple top with a striking flame maple veneer, and a mahonagy set neck with a rosewood fretboard. 'Bird' fretboard inlays give it that classic PRS look.

The scale length of the neck is 24-1/2 inches, a bit shorter than the usual 25 inch scale of most PRS guitars. The neck also has a generous width and fat profile. Anyone who prefers a beefy neck, has larger hands, or likes to fingerpick their electric should like the feel of this guitar.

The SE Santana humbuckers deliver the fat tones you'd expect, but can also produce a smooth sound - just like Carlos Santana himself!

Our guitar features a nice Santana Yellow finish that shows off the flame maple top, but the same model can be ordered in Santana Red or the plainer Jet White.

SE245 Singlecut in gold metallic

A more affordable take on the classic solidbody singlecut electric, the SE245 is a great value. Mahogany body, maple top, wide mahogany neck with a 24-1/2 inch scale length and a rosewood fretboard with attractive'bird' inlays.

The full gold metallic finish really sparkles, taking you back to the 1950s when that look was really popular.

The stop tailpiece and PRS-designed humbucker pickups give you a full, warm sound with plenty of sustain and smoothness - great for rock, jazz, and many more styles. (On the other hand, if you are looking for more growl and bite, check out the SE245 Soapbar below!)

SE245 Soapbar in black

This guitar has the same body, neck and scale dimension as the SE245 Singlecut above, but with its single-coil pickups it produces a completely different sound.

If you are looking for a dark and mysterious-looking electric, we think this SE245 with its sleek gloss-black finish is a great choice.

The stop tailpiece matched with PRS SE single-coil pickups produce a tone that snarls and bites. This guitar rips through blues, rock, punk and slide just as well - if not better than - quitars that are double or triple its price.

(On the other hand, if you prefer a warmer, smoother tone, check out the SE245 Singlecut above!)

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