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Located in Stevensville, Maryland, Paul Reed Smith Guitars is one of the world's premier guitar manufacturers. Since their beginning in 1985, PRS has strived to create the highest quality instruments possible. Guitar building is a very personal thing at Paul Reed Smith, and most of the staff are dedicated players. They have a deep commitment to the craft, and their dedication to quality is very apparent in the instruments they produce.

The Minor Chord stocks several lines from Paul Reed Smith:

  • The CE series is our top PRS line. These instruments are made at the company headquarters in Stevensville, MD and boast special features such as extra-thick tops and PRS 85/15 pickups. With the CE line you get many of the extras from the more expensive PRS Core line at a price that won't break the budget.

  • The PRS S2 Series is also made in Maryland. These guitars offer the famous fit, finish, feel, and attention to detail of PRS craftsmanship at a surprisingly affordable price.

  • The SE Series is designed in the Paul Reed Smith facility in Maryland and manufactured in Asia to strict PRS quality standards. These are high-quality yet reasonably priced instruments for the working musician or for the student who is ready for a step up. The amazing new SE Standard models, the most affordable instruments in the SE line, start at under $500 but still have that unmistakeable PRS quality.

  • We also stock PRS SE electric basses. These instruments have the same impressive build quality of the PRS SE guitar line and are worth a look if you're in the'market for a better bass.

Although we do not usually stock guitars from Paul Reed Smith's top-of-the-line Core Series, the factory keeps us up-to-date on available models and we would be happy to order one for you.

Current Inventory

As of February 3, 2017, we have the following Paul Reed Smith instruments in stock. Click on a model or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

Of course, we can also custom-order any PRS instrument to your specifications.

PRS CE Series Guitars

CE 24 in Dark Cherry Sunburst

PRS is famous not only for their functional instruments but also their beauty. Our first CE 24 just arrived at the store and it is no exception. We were immediately struck by how stunning the Dark Cherry Sunburst finish looks on the gorgeous solid maple top.

This guitar represents a return to the famous CE 24 design, but with improvements. It features a bolt-on maple neck with a 25-inch scale length, a 'Pattern Thin' profile and a rosewood fretboard with a satin nitro finish. This neck plays incredibly smoothly!

The PRS 85/15 pickups sound great - and with the bolt-on neck construction, there's a definite snappiness to the overall tone. The pickups can also be coil-tapped using the tone control for up to six pickup combinations.

Anyone looking to make the step up to a PRS should definitely check this guitar out!

PRS S2 Series Guitars

S2 Singlecut Std with Bird Markers

This instrument is similar to the S2 Singlecut Tri-color Sunburst described above except it has a full mahogany body and top.

All that mahogany gives you a tone that's more focused in the mid-range compared to the maple-top S2 Singlecut.

The vintage mahogany finish is elegant in an understated way, dressed up with an attractive three-ply black pickguard

PRS SE Series Guitars

SE 245 Soapbar in Vintage Sunburst

This is the second SE 245 Soapbar we've had at The Minor Chord and we are very impressed by what you get with this guitar.

First of all, not many guitars under $1,000 even come close to nailing the feel and sound of the famous 50's style Les Pauls with the soapbar pickups. But man, this one does!

Thick mahogany body, maple top, wide fat neck, 24-1/2 inch scale, and dual "hot" PRS soapbar pickups all combine to give you that thick meaty tone, but with the spank and mud one expects from the soapbar pickups. It can be warm and jazzy at the neck pickup or throw on some heavy gain and rock and squeal away on the bridge. The vintage sunburst finish looks sharp as well.

A killer guitar!

SE Torrero Silverburst
Discontinued model
Special price

Crank it up and squeal!! This new PRS SE Torero is made for metal.

With its 25-1/2 inch scale maple neck, a wide and thin neck profile, and a bound ebony fretboard, this axe is smooth and very fast.

Dive bomb down with the Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo bridge. Get those pinch harmonics with the EMG 81 and EMG 85 humbuckers. The Torero's 24 frets let you go way up the neck on your solos.

Our Torero is in the very sharp looking Silverburst finish. And now we have it at a very special price. Come check it out while it's still here!

SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 in Orange Flame

The Custom 24 shape is the go-to design for PRS fans. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its introduction, PRS released special Custom 24 models in all of its lines. This guitar is part of the PRS SE line, which represents exceptional value and quality at an affordable price point. Here, we have a mahogany body and a top featuring a flame maple veneer that really catches your eye.

The specs: 25-inch scale length neck with 24 frets. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard and bird-inlay markers. Wide but thin neck profile. PRS temolo bridge. SE HFS treble and SE Vintage bass humbucking pickups.

This guitar plays easy and sounds fantastic! The humbuckers are warm and full-sounding, but with the coil-tap wiring you can pull out the Tone control for an incisive single-coil sound as well.

The SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 sounds good either clean or cranking into a high gain setting on your amp. And the orange flame maple finish is simply... Awesome!

SE Santana in Santana Yellow

Based on on the popular PRS Santana models, this more affordable version is a lot of guitar for the money. It features a mahogany body, a maple top with a striking flame maple veneer, and a mahonagy set neck with a rosewood fretboard. 'Bird' fretboard inlays give it that classic PRS look.

The scale length of the neck is 24-1/2 inches, a bit shorter than the usual 25 inch scale of most PRS guitars. The neck also has a generous width and fat profile. Anyone who prefers a beefy neck, has larger hands, or likes to fingerpick their electric should like the feel of this guitar.

The SE Santana humbuckers deliver the fat tones you'd expect, but can also produce a smooth sound - just like Carlos Santana himself!

Our guitar features a nice Santana Yellow finish that shows off the flame maple top, but the same model can be ordered in Santana Red or a cool Jet White.

PRS SE Standard Series Guitars

The PRS SE Standard guitars are a super addition to an already great PRS SE line. With the SE Standards, you can get into a Paul Reed Smith instrument for under $500! These guitars are comfortable to play and are a far better investment than many competitors at a similar price level.

SE Standard 24 in Vintage Cherry

Value-for-the-dollar is very high with the PRS SE Standard 24 guitars. For under $500 you get a full mahogany body, set-neck construction, a maple neck with a wide/thin profile, a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets, bird inlays, a PRS-designed tremolo, and dual PRS humbuckers.

All in all, this is a kick-butt rock-solid guitar that won't let you down.

We stock the SE Standard 24 in a range of colors. Our current one is in the beautiful Vintage Cherry finish.

SE Standard 22 in Black

This 22-fret model features an all-mahogany body, a 25 inch scale mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, a wide, fat profile and bird inlays. The two humbucker pickups and a heavy stop tailpiece deliver solid, full tone.

SE Standard 22 in Tobacco Sunburst

And here is the same model in a beautiful Tobacco Sunburst finish

SE Standard Santana in White

And finally, for players who prefer a shorter-scale instrument, here is the PRS Santana Standard in a gleaming gloss white finish. Its wide, fat neck has a short 24-1/2 inch scale.

PRS SE Bass Guitars

PRS SE bass guitars deliver the same fit, finish, solid construction and affordable price to the bassist that guitar players have enjoyed for years with the PRS SE line.

SE Kestrel Bass in Metallic Red

The Kestrel features an alder body with a very stable 5-ply maple/walnut neck-through design. 34 inch scale length, 22 frets, rosewood fret board, bird inlays, and solid Hipshot bridge and tuners.

The PRS-designed passive single-coil electronics give the Kestrel a brighter tone overall with a bit more bite. Rolling down the tone control can warm it up, of course.

You can't miss this Kestrel with its deep Metallic Red finish, its white 3-ply pickguard and neck binding.

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