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We are proud that The Minor Chord is an authorized dealer for Seagull Guitars.

Made in Canada from native tone woods, Seagull Guitars offer an interesting alternative to the usual spruce tops and tropical wood sides and backs of other brands. They are available in a full range of body sizes from Dreadnaught to Grand (Seagull's term for a parlor size guitar). But even the smallest of the Seagull guitars has a full-size scale and a generous nut width, making them very playable for adults.

In 1982 Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitars in the village of LaPatrie in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Robert's concept was to take the essential components of the best hand-crafted guitars (such as solid tops and beautiful finishes) and build these features into guitars that could be priced within the reach of working musicians. Robert succeeded in his goal, producing mid-priced guitars of excellent quality and playability.

For complete information about Seagull guitars, visit the Seagull Guitars web site.

Seagull Models

As of September 21st, 2018 we currently have the following seagull. We can also, of course, custom order an instrument to your specifications.

Entourage Folk Burnt Umber QIT

The Seagull line of instruments are truly great values for the money. Built in Canada out of fine tone woods, they have a sound all their own. At the under $500 price point, there's not much out there that truly competes.

We starting carrying Seagull instruments years ago because our valued customers kept telling us to. The smaller bodied models like this are fantastic fingerstyle guitars. Anyone coming from a classical guitar will find this shape very familiar. The Quantum II electronics deliver a nice plugged-in sound and the built in tuner is a plus.

The specs:

  • Smaller concert size body, based upon classical guitar shape
  • Solid spruce top
  • Wild cherry back and sides
  • Silver leaf maple neck
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Burnt umber semi-gloss finish
  • 1.72" nut width
  • Godin Quantum II electronics w/tuner

Maritime 'Concert Hall SWS QIT'

Seagull guitars already represent a great value for a North-American made instrument. This all solid wood Concert Hall is no exception with it's beautiful full tone with the solid mahogany. The spruce top is plenty loud and bright. Nice to either strum or fingerpick with plenty of neck room with the 1-1/8 inch nut width. Convenient built in tuner and plenty of E.Q. plugged in. A similar guitar from the big American makers will cost hundreds more. Hardshell case is included.

Coastline Momentum

Based off of the award winning S6 model, this dreadnaught glimmers with it's attractive high gloss body finish. The neck is finished in satin for a smoother feel. Those looking for more space find the 1.8" width nut much easier to work the left and right hands. Seagull separates themselves from other manufacturers by more frequently utilizing cedar for their top woods. This gives the guitar a certain warmth that is very different than spruce. Massachusetts-based Fishman delivers a nice plugged in sound with the Sonitone pickup. There are two controls inside the soundhole for volume and tone. Overall a full sounding versatile guitar from our neighbors up north.

Click here to hear and see it in action.

S6 Original

This is the guitar that started it all.

Dreadnaught body size. The top is solid cedar. The sides and back are native wild cherry. The neck is maple. The nut is a generous 1.8 inches, or not quite 1-13/16. Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

This combination of tone woods gives a full, mellow sound that has to be heard to be appreciated.

S6 Concert Hall

Introduced in 2015, the S6 Concert Hall is built in the style of the S6 Original but with a smaller body size. Customers looking for an Orchestra Model (OM) size guitar should check it out.

Like the S6 Original, the top is solid cedar. The sides and back are native wild cherry. The neck is maple. The nut is a generous 1.8 inches, or not quite 1-13/16. Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

Smaller than the S6 Original but larger than the Coastline S6 Folk, the S6 Concert Hall is a welcome addition to the Seagull line and will be appreciated by the player looking for a comfortable mid-size instrument.

Coastline S6 Folk

The Coastline S6 Folk is a beautiful instrument with a solid cedar top, wild cherry sides and back, and Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The neck is maple.

The body of the Coastline S6 Folk is smaller and thinner than the S6 Original, yet the Coastline S6 Folk still boasts a 25-inch scale and 1.8 inch (a little less than 1-13/16) nut.

This is a compact instrument that is very comfortable to play yet - thanks to the cedar top - delivers lots of sound. Perfect for the smaller adult or teen player.

Coastline Folk Acoustic/electric

The Seagull Natural Cherry CW Folk SE EQ is similar in construction to the regular Coastline S6 Folk above, but with the addition of a cutaway and a T-35 pickup with built-in tuner.

The Natural Cherry body is finished without the darker stain used in the standard Coastline Folk model, making the grain of the Canadian wild cherry more apparent.

This is an excellent choice for the smaller performer who wants a more compact body size but with a maximum of tone and a pickup.

Coastline S12 Cedar

The Coastline S12 is the 12-string member of the Coastline family. It has a solid cedar top, wild cherry sides and back, and Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The neck is maple with a double-action truss rod. The nut width is 1.9 inches.

The unique straight-pull design of the Seagull headstock minimizes the bending of the strings at the nut, making the Coastline S12 easier to tune and more stable in its tuning than many 12-string guitars.

If you are looking for a step-up 12-string but don't have the budget for a Martin or a Taylor 12-string, you should have a serious look at the Seagull S12.

Coastline Grand

The Coastline Grand is the parlor-size member of the Seagull Coastline family.

Like the Coastline S6 Folk, it has a solid cedar top, wild cherry back and sides, Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and maple neck. The body is smaller than the Coastline S6 Folk, but the scale is the same with a slightly smaller 1.72 inch nut. This makes the Coastline Grand the perfect step-up guitar for the smaller teen or pre-teen player.

Entourage Rustic    SOLD

The Seagull Entourage guitars offer an exceptional value for players of all levels, with materials and construction similar to the S6 Original and Coastline instruments.

The Entourage Rustic is a Dreadnaught size instrument with a solid cedar top, wild cherry back and sides, maple neck, and Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The top has a rustic sunburst finish.

Entourage guitars have a scale of 25 inches (1/2 inch shorter than the S6 Original) and a nut width of 1.72 inches (a little over 1-11/16 and a bit narrower than the S6 Original). The narrower nut width makes the Entourage series more familiar to players used to a 1-11/16 inch nut.

Entourage Rustic Grand    SOLD

The Entourage Rustic Grand is the parlor-size mamber of the Entourage family.

Except for the smaller body size, the Entourage Rustic Grand has the same materials, construction and features as the larger Entourage Rustic. The smaller size makes it an ideal choice for a teen or pre-teen player looking for an affordable solid-top instrument.

Amber Trail CW Mini Jumbo T35

The Amber Trail features a solid spruce top, amber trail maple back, silver leaf maple neck, and a semi-gloss finish. Because the back and sides are maple, it has a brighter tone. This guitar features a cut away for easy access to higher frets, and B-band electronics with a built in tuner. This guitar is on the larger side making it ideal for older teens and adults.

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