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Taylor guitars are wonderful solid-wood instruments with a characteristically bright sound and very playable necks. We stock Taylors in a great variety of body sizes and styles ranging in size from Jumbo (larger than a Dreadnaught) down to the Baby Taylor.

The Minor Chord is proud to be an Authorized Taylor Dealer. If you are shopping for a Taylor guitar, you will want to play and compare before you buy. Our prices are competitive and our service is second to none - so why not visit us?

For complete information about Taylor guitars and the very natural and clear-sounding Taylor Expression SystemTM pickups, please see the Taylor Guitars web site.

Current Inventory

As of October 3, 2013 we have the following Taylor instruments in stock. We have several additional Taylor guitars on order as listed below. They will be arriving over the next month or two. If you want to be notified when a particular model arrives, call Zach or use our Ask Us! page. We can also, of course, custom order an instrument to your specifications.

Click on a model number or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

We also have the Baby Taylor half-size guitar in both spruce- and mahogany-top models.


We're proud to offer this stunningly beautiful Taylor K26-ce. It features all solid Hawaiian koa wood in the back, sides and top. We typically find koa to have a bright, clear sound. But paired with the Grand Symphony body shape, the K26-ce delivers more low end punch than we would expect. It is an excellent choice for both strumming and fingerstyle.

New for this year is the koa and maple 'Island Vine' inlay design on the fretboard and headstock. This wood pairing matches the guitar beautifully and lends an elegance to the instrument without being overly showy. The rosette has concentric rings of rosewood, maple and rosewood. The purfling around the top is maple. The top itself features a subtly shaded edge-burst finish which gives it a 'sunburst' look without taking away from the beauty of the wood grain.

Plugged in, the Taylor Expression System gives the guitar excellent balance and projection.

This guitar has everything going for it...sound, playability, and looks!

510 with Mahogany Top

Taylor has changed the terminology this year for their 5-series Dreadnaught. It is now called the 510 instead of the DN5. We ordered a custom version with a beautiful solid tropical mahogany top in a full gloss finish. Compared to the standard Sitka spruce top, the mahogany yields a darker and richer tone than you would expect from a Taylor. It also looks fantastic matched with sides and back of the same wood.

The 510 has Taylor's classic Dreadnaught body shape, a 1-3/4" nut, tortoise binding, and an abalone rosette. The diamond pearl fingerboard inlays truly "pop" next to the full gloss mahogany body. Gold-finish tuners round out the aesthetic appointments.

We are very pleased with the sound of this custom instrument, and like all Taylor guitars it plays very easily. It's a great choice for someone looking for a Dreadnaught-size Taylor with a full sound. And because it's a custom instrument, we bet you won't find one anywhere else.

618e Maple Body

The Grand Orchestra body shape is new from Taylor for 2013. This large-bodied guitar has a 20-7/8 inch body length, a 16-3/4 inch body width across the lower bout and a 5 inch body depth.

The 618e features back and sides constructed from nicely figured solid big-leaf maple and a solid Sitka spruce top. The neck is maple with an ebony fingerboard. An abalone rosette and twisted-over fretboard inlays add a touch of class.

We were surprised at the strong low end this guitar produces - a nice chunky sound when played with a heavy attack or with palm muting. Maple generally produces a nice clear tone, but with the addition of the extra Grand Orchestra bass response the effect is dramatic: clear but robust. Plugged in, it really shines with the Expression System electronics.

The new Grand Orchestra body style also introduces a new internal bracing scheme that optimizes top movement. This new construction produces a louder, more balanced tone with great sustain.

If you're looking for a Taylor with big tone reminiscent of the classic big-bodied maple guitars of the past... the 618e won't disappoint.


We're very happy to have this beautiful Taylor model back in the store after a short absence.

Comfortable Grand Auditorium body size with solid big-leaf maple back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top. The finish is a deep, rich black/cherry sunburst. The ebony fretboard is inlaid with pearl in a twisted-oval pattern and the rosette is abalone.

Maple-bodied Taylors have a bright, focused tone that lends itself well to live playing or recording. This is one of the prettiest Taylors we have seen and a model that can be hard to find.


Taylor nylon-string guitars are cross-over instruments: Their sound is reminiscent of a classical guitar but they have the playability of a Taylor steel-string.

This 214ce-N has a Grand Auditorium body with a Venetian-style cutaway. The guitar has a solid gloss-finish Sitka spruce top and laminated rosewood back and sides. The bridge and fingerboard are ebony. The nut is 1-7/8 inches, which is distinctly narrower than a typical classical-style instrument. The ES-T electronics are specially tuned for an excellent nylon-string sound.

This guitar has a nice clear, balanced tone. It's easy to play (especially compared to a typical classical instrument) thanks to the cutaway body style and Taylor's legendary neck design. This is a solid choice for the working musician looking for the nylon-string sound.


A great new addition to the Taylor line, the 812ce-N features nylon strings, solid Indian rosewood back and sides and a solid cedar top. This wood combination is a favorite of classical players, producing a balanced tone from treble to bass.

The 1-7/8 inch nut is slightly narrower and more comfortable than the 2 inch nut traditionally found on classical guitars but is still wide enough for fingerpicking. The subtly radiused fingerboard - a departure from the traditional flat classical fingerboard - adds to the guitar's playability.

Plugged in, the Expression System (specially tuned for nylon strings) really shines. Round out the look with flamed maple binding and genuine abalone inlay and you have one nice instrument!

314ce LTD Koa

The LTD model is an upgrade to the standard 314ce, Taylor's best selling guitar, with its perfect combination of comfort, sound, versatility, and price.

This 2012 limited edition version features Hawaiian koa back and sides, a wood that is normally reserved for higher-end models. Koa has a beautiful golden hue and yields a nice, clear tone - excellent for fingerstyle playing.


The DN5 is Taylor's take on a classic mahogany dreadnaught. This instrument features solid tropical mahogany back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, and ebony bridge and fingerboard. It has a 1-3/4 inch nut and gold-finish tuners. We special-order the DN5 from Taylor with a tortoise pickguard, which is not standard equipment on the DN5 model.

This is a "big sounding" Taylor with nice warmth in the bass and clear, punchy treble.


Updated for 2012, this is Taylor's 4-series Grand Auditorium cutaway acoustic/electric.

It has solid ovangkol back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, a 1-3/4 inch nut, and an ebony bridge and fingerboard with new-for-2012 elliptical pearl inlays.

The 414ce is one of Taylor's best selling models. Strumming or fingerpicking, either acoustic or plugged in - this guitar has you covered. Best of all, it's Grand Auditorium size makes it very comfortable to play.


With the 816ce, the folks at Taylor have delivered another hit!

This instrument sounds as good as it looks. It features a Grand Symphony body shape that delivers increased bass reposnse. All solid Indian rosewood back and sides, with a solid Sitka spruce top. The flame maple binding on the body and neck really makes this guitar visually "pop".

The cutaway and Taylor's Expression System electronics make a great performance instrument. This is an excellent choice - a Taylor model that is becoming increasingly popular among Taylor players.


This is our most popular small-bodied Taylor. Indian rosewood back and sides, sitka spruce top. Surprisingly loud, balanced tone for a small guitar. The slotted headstock gives it a cool look as well. Easy playability with the short scale neck and small body. Great for anyone who needs a comfortable guitar or a beginner who wants a nice smooth-playing first guitar.


The 914ce is one of the top models in the Taylor line. Beauty, sound and playability - this guitar has it all!

Grand Auditorium size. All solid Indian rosewood back and sides; solid Sitka spruce top. 'Cindy' inlay and abalone trim. Taylor Expression electronics.

This guitar delivers an marvellous balanced sound whether you play it acoustic or plugged in.


This is the new version of Taylor's former NS32ce model.

It is a Grand Concert size instrument in all solid sapele back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top. Ebony bridge and fingerboard. Black binding. 1-7/8 inch nut.

The 312ce-N is a comfortable and versatile crossover instrument - an electric nylon-string guitar with Taylor's signature easy playability.


The 514ce is one of our most popular Taylor models. Grand Auditorium shape. Tropical mahogany back and sides, western red cedar top. Taylor Espression System. The combination of mahogany and cedar gives a nice mellow warmth. This is a very expressive guitar that works especially well for fingerstyle players.


For 2013 Taylor has changed the model names for its non-electric acoustic guitars. The 3-series Grand Auditorium model is now called the '314' instead of 'GA3'.

The new 314 has solid sapele sides and back, a Sitka spruce top, and ebony bridge and fingerboard. The body is bound in black and the fingerboard is unbound.

With its Grand Auditorium size and a 1-3/4 inch nut, the 314 is very comfortable to play and works well for both flatpicking and fingerstyle. This is an affordable all solid wood instrument with the characteristic 'sweet' Taylor sound.


The 416ce is a new model in the Taylor line. It has a Grand Symphony body shape with a cutaway. The back and sides are ovangkol, with a spruce top, and is equipped with Expression System electronics.

This instrument has a nice big, clear sound. It is a versatile guitar, good for both strumming and fingerpicking.


We stock the Taylor 814ce as a custom model with a sunburst top and 1-7/8 inch nut. The back and sides are rosewood with a spruce top. The maple binding on the body and neck contrasts nicely with the rosewood.

This instrument looks, sounds and feels beautiful. It is one of Taylor's (and The Minor Chord's) best-selling guitars.


The DN3 is an all solid wood Dreadnought. Sapele back and sides. Sitka spruce top. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. 1-3/4 inch nut. We special-order this model with the pickguard, which is not standard on the DN3.

The Taylor DN3 is a full-sounding Taylor guitar and one of our best selling instruments. It's Taylor's most affordable all-solid-wood guitar with a sound and feel that will not disappoint you.


Taylor's most affordable full-sized Dreadnaught. Laminate mahogany back and sides. Solid Sitka spruce top. Ebony fingerboard lends itself to smooth playability. If you want the Taylor sound and feel but are shopping on a budget, this is the right guitar for you.


The 110ce is built to the same specifications as the Taylor 110 but with a cutaway body style and Taylor's ES-T pickup system.


Comfortable Grand Auditorium shape. Laminate mahogany back and sides. Solid Sitka spruce top. Ebony bridge and fingerboard. This is a great guitar if you are on a budget or if you looking for a good finger-style instrument.


The 114ce is built to the same specifications as the Taylor 114 but with a cutaway body style and Taylor's ES-T® pickup system.


All solid wood Dreadnaught with sapele sides and back and Sitka spruce top. Includes the Taylor Expression System. The 310ce delivers tons of sound. This guitar will stand up to heavy strumming and can deliver the volume and intensity you need in live performance.


This is one of our most popular Taylor acoustic-electric models. Very comfortable Grand Auditorium shape. All solid wood construction with sapele sides and back and Sitka spruce top. Includes Taylor Expression System. Smooth playing ebony fingerboard. This is a great all-around versatile guitar for both strumming and finger-style playing.


Have you tried to play a 12-string guitar and found it too difficult? The Taylor GA3-12 is not that guitar! Uncompromising Taylor playability makes this one of the smoothest 12-strings you'll ever play. All solid wood construction with sapele sides and back, Sitka spruce top. This guitar has a nice low action, especially compared to most 12-strings.

We special-order this model with the pickguard, which is not standard on the DN3.


The GS-Mini is Taylor's new fractional-size guitar with the same "NT" neck construction as their full-size models. Available with a solid mahogany top (pictured at left) or a solid Sitka spruce top (pictured below). Both models have an ebony bridge and fingerboard.

The GS-Mini is a scaled-down version of the Taylor Grand Symphony shape. It is surprisingly loud for a small instrument, with a warm sound.

If you are looking for a travel guitar or a smaller instrument but want a neck closer to the size of a standard guitar, the GS-Mini is a great choice.

You can easily add the optional Taylor ES-Go magnetic soundhole pickup for acoustic-electric playing. The ES-Go V-cable allows you to control your volume right on the cable and includes an iPhone audio interface that allows you to record anywhere.

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