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We are proud to be one of the few authorized dealers for Webber Guitars and David's only dealer east of the Mississippi. Hand-crafted in Canada, from the choicest tone woods, they are a very special addition to our selection of fine acoustics.

David Webber's guitars represent exceptional value. You might expect to pay thousands more for instruments built to his exacting standards.

David builds eight body styles with a wide choice of woods and options. There is a Webber guitar for every player's needs. You can learn more about David Webber and his guitars at the Webber Guitars web site.

David builds only about ten guitars each month, so it's hard to keep a large inventory. In addition to our on-hand stock shown below, we usually have several instruments on order. We'll update this page regularly as new instruments arrive.

Current Inventory

As of February 9, 2012 we have the following David Webber instruments in stock. Three more instruments are on order - delivery expected mid-2012. We can also, of course, custom order an instrument to your specifications.

Click on a model number or just scroll down to see descriptions and photos of each instrument.

To give you an idea of the range of David Webber's designs and the exceptional level of his craftmanship, we present a few additional instruments that are now in the hands of our customers:

Webber Trio on order

In a first for The Minor Chord, we recently ordered a trio of Webber instruments in similar woods - cocobolo backs/sides and Engelmann spruce tops. The binding and rosette on each will be koa. The ebony fingerboards will be marked with David Webber's trademark discreet open-circle inlays.

There will be three instruments in the set: a Roundbody, a Dreadnaught, and a smaller-bodied Orchestra Model.

David's cocobolo guitars are known for their volume and clarity, and each of these instruments is sure to produce outstanding sound. If you strum or play fingerstyle you should check them out.

We expect delivery in mid-2012 and a waiting list is already forming. When the instruments arrive we will offer them to customers on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're interested, please use the Contact Us page and let Zach know right away.

Maple/Cedar Roundbody

David Webber's signature Roundbody designs have been very popular here at The Minor Chord. They have excellent tonal projection and are effortless to play.

This latest Roundbody features flame maple back, sides and headstock faceplate. It has a cedar top, giving this instrument a warmer and deeper tone than Englemann spruce. But this is not just any cedar - it has a striking deep chocolate hue that must be seen to be appreciated. The faceplate of the headstock is flame maple as well.

Fiddleback Mahogany OM

Our new Orchestra model guitar is constructed from some very special wood. The back and sides are fiddleback mahogany with a grain pattern reminiscent of an heirloom violin. The top is Englemenn spruce.

The guitar is bound in cocobolo on the body and the sides of the neck, which produces a subtle and rich contrast to the fiddleback mahogany. The rosette is cocobolo as well.

This guitar demonstrated awesome warmth from the very first time we played it but still maintains a nice balance between bass and treble tones. If mahogany is your sound... this guitar has it in spades!

David Webber OO Sunburst

We had this beautiful OO-size instrument on order with David for several months, and we are excited that it has finally arrived. The smaller body, short scale neck (25 inches) and 1-3/4 inch nut make it perfect for the smaller player. This instrument has the standard 14 frets from nut to body. Mahogany back and sides, an Engelmann spruce top, and cocobolo binding with contrasting inlaid purfling.

The top has a truly striking dark sunburst. The mahogany sides and back are in a warm natural finish, subtly shaded to emphasize the sunburst theme and accentuate the curves between the upper and lower bouts. The tuners are solid black with ebony buttons.

David's mahogany guitars always produce a great deal of sound and are great for all playing styles.

David Webber Custom Koa    SOLD

This instrument was custom-built to our specifications. Solid koa top, back and sides with dramatic figuring. Cocobolo rosette, cocobolo binding, and a matching koa headplate. 1-3/4 inch nut.

Koa typically gives a bright sound, but this particular instrument has an incredibly warm, rich tone. The guitar is particularly effective with complex harmonies, altered chords, and harmonics that give the instrument a chance to resonate.

Custom Cocobolo/Koa Roundbody     SOLD

David Webber's signature Roundbody designs have been very popular here at The Minor Chord.

This David Webber Roundbody was custom-built to our specifications. Its back and sides are cocobolo with koa binding and a one-inch stripe of koa inserted into the center of the back. The top is Engelmann spruce. The headstock is cocobolo as well with an inlay of koa. The fingerboard is ebony, again with koa binding. David's cocobolo instruments produce a lot of volume with rich, complex tone and this instrument is no exception.

Spalted Flame Maple Soft Cutaway Roundbody     SOLD

This Roundbody Soft Cutaway is constructed of some very unusual woods. The back and sides are of spalted flame maple for a striking figure. The top is Englemann spruce reaction wood. (Reaction wood is taken from a portion of the tree that is under weight-bearing stress. The tree responds by building extra-strong wood that makes a superior guitar soundboard.)

The unique appearance of this instrument speaks for itself.

David Webber Roundbody Soft Cutaway    SOLD

A recent arrival at The Minor Chord, the David Webber Roundbody Cutaway is an original Webber design built to the same specifications as the standard Roundbody but with the soft cutaway for easier access to the higher register. The cutaway version has the same crisp response as the standard Roundbody making a very playable guitar with a sound that seems to jump out of the instrument.

This particular instrument has an Indian rosewood back and sides and an Englemann spruce top.

David Webber Jumbo     SOLD

The Jumbo is an original David Webber design. His jumbo body is most shallow than most and the lower bout is only 16 inches, which is smaller than most conventional jumbo designs.

This guitar features Indian rosewood back and sides, an Engelmann spruce top, and ebony fingerboard and bridge. The unique shape of the jumbo body produces more bass low end than other shapes, making it an excellent choice for a strumming or finger style player looking for lots of volume.

David Webber OM Soft Cutaway     SOLD

The OM Soft Cutaway is a small bodied cutaway - David Webber's take on the traditional "Orchestra Model" guitar. With its rounded, low-shoulder cutaway, this guitar captures a modern aesthetic but with an elegant appearance that avoids radical design excesses.

Indian rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top. The soft cutaway allows easy access to the upper register. Davis's OM design gives the instrument a well-balanced, warm tone making it an excellent choice for almost any style of playing.

David Webber Roundbody    SOLD

The front profile of the Webber Roundbody is reminiscent of the graceful hourglass shape of the classic, but with greater width and length to maximize volume, presence, and response.

This guitar features Indian rosewood back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, and ebony fingerboard and bridge.

The round body shape gives it a crisp response as compared to David's OM styles, and the sound jumps out of the guitar with minimal playing effort. This guitar is an excellent choice for almost any style of playing with a truly unique sound.

David Webber OOO 12-fret Sunburst     SOLD

This instrument is David's take on the classic OOO-12 body style popular in the early 1900s. Mahogany back and sides, Englemann spruce top with a sunburst that explodes like a light bulb. 1-3/4 inch nut.

In addition to the sunburst pattern on the top, the sides and neck heel are shaded in amber. The tuners are solid black with ebony buttons. Taken together, these details give the instrument a unique and truly stunning dark appearance.

David's mahogany guitars always have a nice loud volume and are great for all playing styles.

Although this instrument is sold, David has made us a OO version of this instrument with the same details - see the photos and description above.

David Webber Custom Dreadnaught in cocobolo     SOLD

We commissioned this one-of-a-kind Dreadnaught in 2008. It features a beautiful 3-piece back with cocobolo and a koa middle stripe. The sides are cocobolo as well, giving the guitar a very loud, warm sound with strong projection. The top is sitka spruce with a koa rosette. The body, neck, and headstock are all bound with koa, giving the guitar a well matched look to the three-piece back. The owner of this fine instrument visited us recently at the store - and the guitar looked and sounded fantastic.

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