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Instruments from The Minor Chord

We stock one of the largest selections in the area of acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, dobros, digital pianos, and all types of instrument amplifiers. When you purchase an instrument from The Minor Chord, you can be assured it will be set up properly by our technicians. We make sure it plays right when you take ownership.

Electric Guitars and Basses

Authorized Fender® Dealer

As an authorized Fender dealer and service center, we carry a full line of Fender instruments, amplifiers and accessories.

We stock a wide variety of Strats® and Teles®. We are happy to report that after recent shortages and back-orders, we are now receiving more Fender models made in Corona, California, USA. These instruments feature vintage style bridges, staggered pick-ups, and special lacquer finishes. They feel and sound great.

We are an Ibanez dealer

Ibanez offers a diverse line of quality instruments at a price many can afford. Find out more about Ibanez by visiting their web site at The Minor Chord has a full selection of Ibanez electric solid-body guitars, hollow-body electric guitars, bass guitars, guitar amplifiers, and effects units in stock for your inspection.

We are a Squier® dealer

We carry a full line of Squier guitars and basses, from the affordable Affinity Series up to the Master Series.

Acoustic Instruments

Acoustic Guitars

Our acoustic guitar selection includes handmade guitars by C.F. Martin Co., Webber, and Taylor and affordable high quality instruments by Yamaha.

We are a Yamaha Rosewood dealer

The Minor Chord is proud to be a Yamaha Rosewood-level dealer, their top classification for independent guitar dealers. Yamaha produces affordable and durable guitars that play well. We stock a huge variety of Yamaha acoustic guitars in all price ranges.

We are a C. F. Martin Marquis dealer

The Minor Chord is proud to be a Martin Marquis dealer. This means that our customers can always count on an extensive in-stock selection of C. F. Martin instruments. And if you are looking for an extra-special Martin guitar that is not in stock, our Marquis status enables us to get less-common models that most other stores are simply not authorized to carry.

We are an authorized Taylor Guitar dealer

If you've looked at guitars at The Minor Chord, you know we're an Authorized Taylor Dealer. Taylor has grown to be one of the premier makers in America. You see more and more professionals using their instruments. Find out more about Taylor Guitars by visiting their web site at The Minor Chord has many beautiful Taylor guitars in stock in all sizes and body styles. Come in and see them for yourself.

Mandolins, Banjos, Ukuleles

Our acoustic instrument selection is not limited to guitars. We also stock other traditional instruments such as dobros, Kentucky and Johnson mandolins, Johnson and Savannah banjos and ukuleles from Martin, Kala and Mahala.

A word about smaller instruments

Younger players can't achieve correct posture and playing position with full-sized instruments. But that doesn't mean they have to put up with toys. The Minor Chord stocks fractional sized electric and acoustic guitars from Fender, Taylor and Yamaha. These are affordable but good-quality instruments that will give the younger student the satisfaction of great tone and playability. Adults also purchase these instruments for travel.

Digital Pianos

There are hundreds of models of "electronic keyboards". In our opinion, most of these are not worth playing. Their springy non-weighted keyboards and cheap electronics make them more like toys than true musical instruments. True digital pianos, however, are another story completely. Recent advances in digital sound sampling and weighted key action give the player an experience much closer to a traditional acoustic piano at a much more affordable price point. We are proud to carry digital pianos from two respected manufacturers: KORG and Yamaha. You can see our full range of models on our Digital Pianos page. Our digital pianos are displayed in a separate piano room so you can try them out in a quiet, private setting.

Digital Keyboard


We offer expert repairs - from simple setups to complete restoration - for most musical instruments: Orchestral strings, fretted strings, digital pianos, woodwinds and brass. We are an authorized Fender Repair center and service Fender guitars and amplifiers, and we can arrange factory-authorized repairs for the other brands we carry.

Contact Us

If you have a question about any musical instrument we sell, rent, or service, please call us at 1-978-486-0112 or click here to email your request.

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