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Our Instruments

Come to us for quality, price and service. We have the best selection in the area of:

When you purchase an instrument from The Minor Chord, you can be assured it will be set up properly. We make sure it will play its best when you take it home. And if there's ever any question or problem, we are here for you.

Left-handed Instruments

Are you left-handed? Learn more about left-handed instruments and see photos of our in-stock lefty instruments on our special lefties page.  more >>>

Humidity and Temperature

Extremes of humidity and temperature can damage your instrument very quickly, and the damage can be expensive or impossible to repair. Solid-top guitars are especially vulnerable.

Try to keep your instruments at room temperature and a relative humidity of 40-50%. Unless your home heating system includes a whole-house humidifier, you will need to do something to add humidity to your guitar during the winter.  more >>>

Acoustic Guitars

Our specialty is fine acoustic guitars. We have the best selection in the area at prices beginning under $200. Most of our guitars have solid wood tops, which makes a huge difference in the tone of the instrument. Our La Patrie classical guitars and our Seagull and Yamaha steel-string guitars deliver excellent quality at an affordable price. Or choose a fine instrument from C. F. Martin, Taylor or David Webber.

Martin DC16OGTE

C. F. Martin  more >>>

Seagull Coastline Folk

Seagull  more >>>

Taylor 814ce

  Taylor    more >>>

La Patrie Collection

La Patrie  more >>>

Webber 0012 Sunburst

David Webber  more >>>

Yamaha LJX16CP

Yamaha  more >>>

Electric Guitars

We are an authorized dealer for electric guitars from G&L, Ibanez and Paul Reed Smith. Our used and vintage department (We call it Zach's Attic) often has guitars from other manufacurers as well.

G&L was Leo Fender's last guitar company, and they still make instruments the way he would want them to be made. Ibanez guitars deliver excellent value at affordable prices, particularly in hollowbody and semi-hollow styles. Paul Reed Smith guitars are known for their high quality and playability.

Ibanez ART100

Ibanez Electrics

Paul Reed Smith SE Santana

Paul Reed Smith Electrics  more >>>

G&L Legacy

G&L Electrics  more >>>

Electric Basses

We are an authorized dealer for electric basses from Kala and Ibanez. We are also an authorized dealer for Paul Reed Smith, which has recently announced a line of electric basses as well. We hope to have them in stock by the end of the summer. Please use our Ask Us! page to get the latest news on the PRS basses.

Our used and vintage department (We call it Zach's Attic) often has basses from other manufacurers as well.

Ibanez basses offer a feel and tone quite different from Fender basses. Their necks tend to be thinner and narrower, improving playability, and their tone is more contemporary with most models equipped with active pickups. As with their electric guitars, you can count on Ibanez to offer quality basses at an affordable price.

PRS basses deliver the same quality and playability we've come to expect form their electric guitars.

The popular Kala U-Bass is a baritone-size uke equipped with oversized strings and a pickup. Plug this instrument into a bass amp and you won't believe your ears - it delivers solid bass tone reminiscent of an upright from a mini instrument!

Ibanez SRA500

Ibanez Basses

PRS SE Kingfisher bass

PRS Basses

Kala U-Bass

Kala U-Bass


Ukuleles are incredibly popular, and with good reason. They are small, portable, and easier to play than a guitar. And they're just plain fun!

We carry quality ukuleles by Kala Musical Instruments in all price ranges from $40 to $400 and in all sizes from soprano (the smallest) to baritone (the largest).

Kala ukulele

Kala Ukuleles


We stock banjos from Johnson, Recording King, and Savannah. If you are just beginning, you might consider our affordable Savannah open-back banjo. It is lighter than a standard closed-back banjo and quite affordable.

Johnson banjo

Johnson  Banjos 

Recording King banjo

Recording King Banjos

Savannah banjo

Savannah Banjos

Savannah open back banjo

Savannah Open Back


The mandolin is a staple of bluegress music but is also showing up increasingly in other styles. We carry a wide range of acoustic and electrified mandolins in both A-style and F-style from Savannah, Seagull and The Loar.

Seagull S8 mandoliin

Seagull Mandolins

Savannah mandolin

Savannah Mandolins

The Loar mandolin

The Loar Mandolins

Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

At The Minor Chord, you'll find an excellent selection of tube and hybrid (solid-state plus tube) guitar amplifiers for that full, rich sound that only tubes can deliver as well as affordable practice amps from Ibanez and VOX. We are an authorized dealer for Blackstar, Ibanez and VOX guitar amplifiers and Ampeg and Ibanez bass amplifiers.

Our used and vintage department (We call it Zach's Attic) often has interesting guitar and bass amps from other manufacurers as well.

We invite you to come in and try our amps. Plug in one of our instruments or bring your own. See what a difference a good amp can make.

Ampeg amp

Ampeg Bass Amps

Blackstar amp

Blackstar Guitar Amps

Ibanez amp logo

Ibanez Practice Amps

VOX amp logo

VOX Guitar Amps  more >>>

Acoustic and PA Amplifiers

If guitar amps are all about overdrive and effects, acoustic amps are all about clean, crisp tone that faithfully reproduces the sound of your acoustic guitar, keyboard or vocalist.

We carry four respected names in acoustic and PA amplification: Acoustic Image, Fishman, Ibanez, and Yamaha.

Acoustic Image logo

Acoustic Image Amps

Fishman Loudbox Mini amp

Fishman Acoustic Amps

Ibanez Troubador logo

Ibanez Troubador Acoustic Amps

Yamaha Stagepas PA Amp

Yamaha Stagepas PA

Digital Pianos

There are hundreds of models of "electronic keyboards". In our opinion, most of these are not worth playing. Their springy non-weighted keyboards and cheap electronics make them more like toys than true musical instruments.

True digital pianos, however, are another story completely. Recent advances in digital sound sampling and weighted key action give the player an experience much closer to a traditional acoustic piano at an affordable price.

We are proud to carry digital pianos from two respected manufacturers: KORG and Yamaha. Our digital pianos are displayed in a separate piano room so you can try them out in a quiet, private setting.  more >>>


KORG Digital Pianos

Yamaha P95

Yamaha Digital Pianos

Hand Drums and Percussion

We carry one of the most extensive selections of hand drums and percussion in Massachusetts. Our percussion instruments are from Meinl - one of the most respected names in world percussion - including instruments from the African, Brazilian, and Latin musical cultures. We also carry American-made chime bars from Treeworks that sound terrific.

We have djembes - shakeres - congas - bongos - maracas - cajons - claves - surdos - tamborims - caixas - cuicas - cabasas/afuxes - caixixis - agogo bells - samba whistles - tambourines - shakers of all types - cowbells - rainsticks - and more!









Samba instruments

Samba Instruments

Band Instruments

The Minor Chord carries band instruments from Hunter Musical Instruments of New York. These are quality imported instruments that satisfy the needs of the beginning student and deliver fantastic value.

Hunter instruments come with a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Our in-store technician checks each instrument before we sell it, and we can handle adjustments and minor repairs on-site for quicker turnaround.  more >>>

Alto saxophone










A word about smaller instruments

Younger players can't achieve correct posture and playing position with full-sized guitars and basses. But that doesn't mean they have to put up with toys. The Minor Chord stocks fractional sized electric and acoustic guitars and basses from Fender, Seagull, Taylor and Yamaha. These are affordable but good-quality instruments that will give the younger student the satisfaction of good tone and playability.


We offer expert maintenance and repairs - from simple setups to major reconstruction - for all the instruments we sell.

We are an authorized Fender repair center for instruments and amplifiers. We have an on-site band instrument technician for adjustments and minor repairs. We handle major band instrument repairs through Jim Vogel at the Woodwind and Brass Workshop. We can arrange factory-authorized repairs for the other guitar and bass brands through our master guitar tech partner, Bill Whitsett at Whitsett Guitar Works.  more >>>


If you have a question about any musical instrument we sell, rent, or service, please call us at 1-978-486-0112 or click here to send us an email.

Our friendly and experienced staff is here to give you the information and advice you need.